Prof Emmy van Deurzen

Prof Emmy van Deurzen, PhD (UK)


Prof Emmy van Deurzen is an existential psychotherapist, psychologist and philosopher, with 50 years of practice and eighteen books to her name. Her work has been translated into over twenty languages and she has lectured on five continents.  She is the co-founder and director of the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, co-founder of the Existential Academy in London and a visiting professor at Middlesex University.

Prof Digby Tantam

Prof Digby Tantam BA (Open), BM BCh, MA (Oxon), MPH, PhD (UK), FRCPsych, FBPsS, MInstGA, UKCPF


Prof Digby Tantam is a psychotherapist, counsellor, psychologist, and psychiatrist.  He worked in the NHS for over forty years, and as a University Professor for over 20.  He is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Sheffield, and an Honorary Senior Visiting Professor at Middlesex University.  He is co-founder of the Existential Academy and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Dr. Claire Arnold-Baker

Dr. Claire Arnold-Baker, DCPsych (UK)

Dr. Claire Arnold-Baker, DCPsych (UK) is an existential counselling psychologist and psychotherapist, a lecturer, supervisor and researcher, as well as being the Academic Director and Course Leader of the DCPsych programme at NSPC.  She has a small private practice where she specialises in working existentially with mothers and has co-authored and edited a number of existential books as well as authoring chapters and articles. Claire is also the treasurer and a trustee of the Federation of Existential Therapy in Europe (FETE).

Dr. Nancy Hakim-Dowek

Dr. Nancy Hakim-Dowek DProf (UK) 

Dr. Nancy Hakim-Dowek DProf (UK) Nancy is an experienced existential psychotherapist practicing in London; Her interests lay with existential themes relating to transitional situations and experiences which confront us with our life choices. She works with cancerpatients, migrants, and has thriving private clinic. Nancy is the course leader at NSPC for the DProf Programme.  She is a lecturer and the doctoral programmes and provides clinical and research supervision.

Dr. Neil Gibson

Dr. Neil Gibson DProf (UK) 

Dr. Neil Gibson DProf (UK) is an existential psychotherapist, lecturer and supervisor. He is the course leader for the Existential Psychotherapy Training programme at the Existential Academy and also maintains a small private practice in Newcastle. Neil is the Chair of UKCP's University Training College and his specialist interests include trauma and humour.

Dr. Jo Molle

Dr. Jo Molle, CPsychol (UK)

Jo Molle is a chartered psychologist with a background in counselling and mental health research. As a counsellor, Jo worked in the NHS for 6 years with people with chronic and life-limiting illnesses; currently, Jo works in a low-cost community-based counselling service. Jo is the coordinator of Masters programmes for NSPC, course leader for the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies and a departmental lecturer for the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University.